SRM Institute of Science And Technology organized Research Day- 2019.


SRMIST organized Research Day 2019!!!
On 28th February 2019 SRM Institute of Science and TechnologHCCy has successfully organized a Research day to encourage the early career researchers of the SRMIST. This is a unique platform where the young students presented their idea in various research areas and encourage for contributing to the society, science and technology. Nearly, 2500 students, research scholars and faculty members from various departments (42 numbers) including Engineering, basic sciences, humanities and medical & health sciences, submitted their abstracts, out of which 932 abstracts were selected after screening by research committee. Winning students/researchers have been felicitated with 85 Gold medals and 35 silver medals along with certificates to enhance their research enthusiasm and pursue their aptitude to the next level.
During the Research Day programme, Prof. Anurag Kumar, Director, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, has delivered the chief guest address. Dr. S. Guruprasad, Director General –PC&SI, DRDO, New Delhi has given the keynote address. The Founder Chancellor of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Dr. T. R. Paarivendhar, gave a very encouraging speech especially for the young researchers. His talk emphasized that young researchers can extensively contribute in the academic and industrial research. He explained that young students if exposed to a research environment their new ideas may form the basis of new innovations and contribute in the technological developments. Towards this goal, Chancellor has granted more than Rs. 5 crores to the Faculty members to carry out research in cutting edge and forefront areas of research. He also mentioned that SRM Institute of Science and Technology has attracted research faculty members with national and international experiences for every department to enhance the research potential for the students and help them to nurture their enthusiasm for research starting from the B.Tech level. Recently, four of the centers of research excellence areincluded inaddition to the previous existing 10 research centers, particularly the advanced instruments, TEM, XPS, Raman spectrometer, etc.


Moreover, HPCC facility for theoretical calculation is another milestone in SRM IST. With these credentials, scholars can identify new area of research to pursue SRM IST. In SRM IST, 900 out of 2700 faculty members are reportedly Ph.D. degrees holders, around 33 % of the total strength. Many of those high profile faculty members use to receive research grants from various external funding agencies. More than 1500 of scholars are pursuing Ph.D. from the 1000 of faculty members who are qualified to guide them. About 900 of those scholars are supported by SRM IST with monthly fellowship of Rs. 16,000. So far, 540 scholars have been awarded for Ph.D. degree from SRM IST and this year, more than 125 will be awarded PhD. PhD scholars of SRM IST from different discipline are awarded for Senior Research Fellowship from CSIR, New Delhi.

SRM IST is proud about the successful launching of Satellite as moon mission. In addition, funded projects like Jal- Janak Rail with ICF (Indian Couch factory) and hardening of metal are adding value to SRM IST. Ultimately, all the above credentials raise the H-index of the institute dramatically due to the recognition from scientific and technology arena.



Based on the above preview, young students always try to think and do something new, which forms the background of academic research said Dr. T. R. Paarivendhar. Research day provides a platform for the students to present their ideas and experience the research culture at an early age. We are very happy to provide such research environment in their curriculum and support more research based interaction, concluded Dr. T. R. Paarivendhar.

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