GEM Hospital Inaugurated Multi Organ Transplant Center -Hosts 1st International Conference on Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery.

GEM Hospital Inaugurates Multi Organ Transplant Center
-Hosts 1st International Conference on Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery on
17th and 18th August 2019 –
Chennai, 17th August 2019: The GEM hospitals, pioneers in minimally invasive surgery, both  laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, are holding the 1st International Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery conference in Chennai on 17th and 18th August 2019.

Hon’ble Governor of Tamilnadu, Thiru Banwarilal Purohit delivered the Inaugural address
of the International Conference and announced the launch of Multi Organ Transplant Centre of GEM Hospital today.
As a part of the Conference, Surgical leaders, Goro Honda (Japan), Choon Hyuck David  Kwon (USA), Ho-seong Han (Korea), Mohd. Abu Hilal (UK), Rawisak Chanwat (Thailand), Tang Chun-ngai (Hong Kong), Tran cong Duy Long (Vietnam), Xiaoying Wang (China),
Yao-Ming Wu (Taiwan) are delivering lectures on their experiences in Minimally Invasive Liver Surgeries.
Speaking about the International Conference, Dr. Asokan, CEO, GEM Hospital said, “About 50
leading surgeons from all over India who are specializing in liver surgeries are sharing their
experiences in this Conference. About 400 delegates from across the country are attending the
conference. Liver diseases from viral infections and alcohol are very high. To add to the list, fatty liver diseases are also on the increase. To handle this entire disease burden, Minimally
Invasive Liver Surgeries have gained momentum around the world”.
The GEM Hospital, Coimbatore under the leadership of Dr. C. Palanivelu has been the first to perform Living Donor Laparoscopic Hepatectomy in India. In this procedure a part of the liver from a living donor is removed and transplanted to a person with end stage liver disease. Hither to, the living donors also have been undergoing larger openings in their upper
abdomen, causing many problems. But the laparoscopic donor liver removal is very friendly to donors, minimizing their hardships. This method will help many living donors to come forward to donate liver to their relatives. At GEM hospital living donor liver retrieval is done by either Laparoscopic or Robotic surgery. This and many other minimally invasive
surgical techniques for liver diseases will be discussed in this two days conference.

Dr. P. Senthilnathan, Director, GEM Hospital Chennai and Organising Chairman of the
Conference explained that, “In connection with the conference we organized a pre conference
Surgical Workshop at GEM hospitals in which 50 surgeons form across the country participated along with the International faculties. Such academic conferences will help  surgeons learn newer techniques which will help them to serve patients better”.

About GEM Hospitals:
GEM Hospital, India’s premier Gastroenterology and laparoscopic speciality hospital
based out of Coimbatore have inaugurated their 5th and flagship hospital in Chennai
recently. Pioneering laparoscopic surgeon Dr. C. Palanivelu is the founder of GEM Hospital.
He was the first to introduce laparoscopic key hole surgery in south India. He has been instrumental for development of many innovative techniques in laparoscopic surgery and spreading laparoscopic surgery amongst the masses.
GEM Hospital focuses mainly on the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases (including GI cancers, liver transplantation and obesity) and laparoscopic surgeries. GEM was the first to include the concept of organ based specialization to provide much superior outcomes. This includes specialities like Upper GI Surgery (Stomach & Oesophagus), Colorectal Surgery
(Small & large intestines), Hepatobiliary surgery (liver & pancreas), Bariatric surgery (obesity & diabetes), Interventional endoscopy, Liver transplantation etc. It also has
advanced treatment facilities in the speciality including da Vinci Robotic surgery, 4K/3D laparoscopy, Advanced Truebeam Radiotherapy, Comprehensive Obesity and Liver transplant
departments. GEM Hospital is also the only hospitalto perform liver transplantusing the
laparoscopic technique.

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