Karate Twins Srivishakan Sriharini

Mr.Muruganandham belongs to Karaikal of Pudhuchery District and his wife
is Priya. These couples were blessed with twins around 9 (2010) years ago.
In that twins one is a baby boy and a baby girl. The boy was christened as
SriVishakan and the girl as Sriharini. During the childhood Muruganandham
was very much interested in sports. But he thought that his siblings should
make great achievements which he was unable to do in his yesteryears. Then,
he admitted both the kids to make exercise. When both were very cute and
industrious initially they were sent for swimming class. Later on it was
realized that it was not the correct career building for them.Hence, they
were admitted in the Karate Class conducted by Dr.V.R.S.Kumar, Director and great teacher of V.R.S.Martial Arts Academy at Karaikal of Pudhuchery
District. From the age of three years both these kids practised the martial
arts like karate, silambam, yoga, kick boxing, dekwando and had
participated more than 200 competitions both in India and International
level within their 9 years of age they acquired two black belts in Karate.
Through these competitions both had won various awards, medals in Indian
soil as well as in foreign countries and pinned their name in the World
Achievement Books. Also, they had been given the Honorary Doctorate by the
Pudhuchery Governor and Chief Minister along with various awards. These two studious siblings are studying 5th standard in Goodsheperd High School, Karaikal. In order to honour these kids the School Correspondent Mr.RansonThomas and the Principal Mr.Joy Thomas had jointly published a book and make it to be released through Pudhuchery Deputy Governor Ms.Kiran
Bedi.Whilst Priya, the mother of this twins narrating about kids, “From
their age of 3 they were attending the karate classes. When these two had
practised karate very well and secure black belt in a tender age gives me
great pleasure and happiness to me. Along with karate class Sri Vishakan ia
also attending chess class and at the same time Sri Harini is very good in
drawing and writing compositions in which she is very much interested.

Their father Muruganandham said, “We had divided the responsibility of
kids’ karate practice is mine and their education part will be taken care
of by their mother. Every day early morning at 5.00 am both woke up and
leave home by 5.30am for karate class. All the arrangements for their
school would be ready when they return home after two hours. They were also
good in their studies and hence they participate in the competitions and
won prizes. Whilst they take part in the competition other than their home
town, the opponent will be of same weight and age. Sometimes, they also
compete with the elders also and win them.”

Whilst discussing with the kids’ Karate Master Kumar he proudly said,”Sri
Vishakan and Sri Harini were learning this for the past 6 years and they
are very punctual in attendance. It is a great achievement to acquire black
belt in this tender age. They had won in various Indian State as well as

Please do not get surprise or suspect whether these kids were busy in
their daily practices and studies what about their entertainment. They had
allotted certain time for that also and both are very fond of karate
related action movies.

By achieving these achievements in tender age when they were asked about
their future dreams and spontaneously both give different reasons of their
dreams. The boy’ SriVishakan’s dream is to get Gold Medal in Olympic Games
and to study IAS to become a Collector. At the same time SriHarini also had
a dream to win a Gold Medal in Olympic Games.

When her grandfather suddenly died due to cardiac failure and hence, she
wanted to proceed medical education and wants to become an expert cardiac
doctor to save many more lives.

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